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Automotive Safety, Press incident

Automotive Safety, Press incident – Siemens AsiSafe, ASiMon, Rocketweel switch-lock units, Sick Scanners/Light barriers

This Machine, despite having been in operation for years without incident, trapped and pinned an engineer under a heating hood. Quick thinking by his colleague prevented serious injury.

Soft Control was awarded the contract to design and fit a safety system to exclude machine access without the machine being placed into a safe condition. It had to meet the requirements of the machine functional safety legislation ISO 13849, IEC 62061.

The project had to be completed within 4 weeks before an inspection by the HSE. This included technical manual / risk assessment, design, safety calculations, installation, commissioning, and testing.

The installation used Siemens ASiSafe, Siemens ASiMon and Siemens Asi, Hardened Rockwell 440G-MT integrated switch-lock units. Machine wiring was reduced using the Siemens ASi two wire communication bus which exhibits remarkable speed and signal integrity.

The outcome was a clean bill of health from HSE.

Functional Machine Safety
Machine Safety Systems
ISO 13849, IEC 62061,
Dual Channel Safety
Sick Laser Scanners
Sick Light Barriers
Siemens ASiSafe
Siemens ASiMon
Siemens Asi
Allen Bradley Rockwell 440G-MT integrated switch-lock units
Sick safety scanners and Sick light barriers
Birmingham UK
West Midlands.

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