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Food Industrial Oven Failure

Food Industrial Oven Failure – Modicon TSX Premium PLC, and UniOp HMi interface.

00:15 – We receive a call from an existing support customer, PLC help required in Hereford: A control system fault . The oven identity was confirmed ( one of several ) controlled by a Modicon TSX 5720 Premium PLC, and UniOp HMi interface. The control system is not commanding the unit to the “base” condition, a pre-requisite to a production launch.

We grab the appropriate PL7 programming software, PLC communication leads, and the appropriate PLC software backup.

02:00 – Arrival on site. Outside the lorries are already queuing due to the production outage !

There is an inhouse PLC software engineer but he is on sick leave. We check our backup#1 against the PLC contents just in case changes have been made. We quickly establish the missing signal from a UniOp operator panel. Closer examination revealed that a simple touch screen key push was not triggering the main sequence. The operator panel was operational.

The operator panel software was compared against our backup#2, the problem was revealed – partial memory corruption. The operator panel was reloaded with our backup#2

05:30 – Production was restored.

Site report advises replacement of the HMI.

PLC Fault
PLC Automation
Control System Fault
TSX 5720 Premium PLC
Group Schneider
TSX5720 programming software
PLC communication leads
Oven PLC software
UniOp HMI software
PLC software backup
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