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About Us

Soft Control Ltd was established in February 1990 initially created as a system house providing control system & software design solutions. We regularly encountered dissatisfied end users who were struggling with unsatisfactory support from the suppliers of automated equipment, a situation we still see today.

Seeing a business opportunity we promptly expanded our services to include PLC automation support, this enabled us to use our skills and resources to quickly locate and solve problems on production machinery.

28 years in business has not only provided us with experience but also helped amassed thousands of Spare PLC Parts which now enhance the support solutions as these are available 24 hours a day.

Our engineers are trained to use structured software development techniques and practices that lead to a common style in our PLC programming, the benefits are transparency, flexibility and meaningful error reporting. Our dealing with third party software familiarises us with the random development techniques that exist in the automation industry.

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