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Auto Transfer Systems

Data Centre Tier 3 ATS

High Application Complexity

Generator/Mains Auto Transfer System secures the electricity supply this Data Centre.

Usually this level of robustness is reserved for highly critical or systems which life depends upon. Due to the high commercial importance of maintaining a source of electricity to our customers data systems it was deemed necessary to implement a control system to ensure maximum reliability and availability.

To achieve this level of performance we designed a system based on dual redundancy of the PLC modules and all aspects of the control system. Further, the Master and Slave system checks and cross checks the system for faults with the ability to immediately report the occurrence of a fault.

All CPUs, Power Supplies, Digital input, Digital output modules, relays, Phase Failure Relays are duplicated and fed separately to / from the Master and Slave PLCs.

The system has been designed and proven to operate with several faults and still maintain its ability to start the generator and control the Air Circuit Breakers.

Each PLC has its own HMI that provides visual status and a time stamped logging facility to allow the later analysis of a switching event. The HMI can also individually test Master and Slave systems to exercise the primary and redundant components of the system.

The system is further secured under Soft Controls 24 hour support service.

Supported PLCs

13.8KV ATS

Medium Application Complexity

Siemens, the main contractor for this project, commissioned Soft Control Ltd to develop the Siemens PLC code to control this system. The “Piper Bravo” North Sea Oil Production Platform supplies electricity via two undersea cables to the unmanned Oil Platform “Saltire”. The System had to ensure that “Saltire” made the correct decisions when choosing one of the undersea electricity supplies or opting for the on-board Emergency Generator Supply. The huge financial and production costs of a supply failure required the flawless performance of the Control System.

The PLC was responsible for monitoring and controlling the operation of HV Air Circuit Breakers on both “Saltire” and “Piper Bravo”. The final solution was achieved after extensive liaison with multiple responsible organisation and engineers. To ensure the PLC solution met all the requirements a witnessed simulation was performed allowing the observation of the entire system with a detailed O&M manual supplied.

Personnel from Soft Control assisted in the commissioning of the equipment in the North Sea.

Supported PLCs

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