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Component Manufacturer – Siemens S5, SIEMENS STEP5

The specialized machining center was controlled by a Siemens S5-115U. It featured digital I/O machine control, along with a single-axis WF625 controller and a Coros graphic module. Fortunately, we have ample experience with the Siemens PLC range, including S5, S7, and TIA Portal.

The symptom was inconsistent axis control in maintaining position. The axis was tasked with positioning a workpiece for drilling on a vertically mounted turntable, with approximately 12 drilling positions per rotation and a table diameter of 1.3 meters, completing a position cycle every 3 seconds.

The problem manifested sporadically with varying failure-to-position characteristics. We conducted thorough checks and cleared various axis components, including the PLC hardware and software, Siemens Sinodrive drive, traversing speeds, deceleration rates, and the encoder.

The fault was finally traced to a broken core causing intermittent contact in a connector associated with the encoder.

We re-terminated the connector on site and ran the machine in full auto for an hour.

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