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Oven Not Responding to Commands

Oven Not Responding to Commands – Group Schneider Modicon Premium PLC

Callout to a support customer in the food application industry: A PLC/HMI oven is not responding to commands to place the oven in a “base” condition, causing significant disruption due to heavy lorries arriving every thirty minutes loaded with perishable goods.

By 00:15, the line has been down for 6 hours. Upon arrival on site at 02:00, it was found that the oven is controlled by a Group Schneider Modicon Premium PLC fitted with a Uniop HMI. The PLC was checked against a known backup, thankfully encountering no password protection. Examination of electrical schematics quickly located the area of code, and it was discovered that the command from the HMI was not being received by the PLC.

Detailed examination of the HMI revealed partial memory corruption, resulting in corrupted tag data. An earlier version of the HMI software was reloaded into a spare HMI and refitted into the machine. Production was restored at 05:30, and our engineer is on his way home. Production managers are moving towards a state of happiness, and our vehicle is leaving the site as the lorries are moving in.

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