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Special Purpose Machinery

Type 2400 Submarine

High Application Complexity

We designed hardware and software for a simulator to allow ship borne equipment to experience the electrical loads, sequence of events and serial data streams as if connected to the boat whilst in normal and combat operations.

All of the hydraulic logic, process instrumentation and process variables were designed / programmed into the simulator, together with the simulation of any failure on the system.

Supported PLCs

Bead Winding Machine

Medium High Application Complexity

This system controlled the winding of a single strand of wire multiple times onto a rotating drum. On sensing the completion of a full rotation a high speed digital interrupt initiated a move to a new position of a Stepper Motor Drive. This allowed unique cross sectional shapes to be created. Up to 2000 unique pre-programmed shapes could be stored – each consisting of up to 500 unique positions calculated in microns.

Supported PLCs

Part Marking

High Application Complexity

Position and marking information is transferred to the Marking Machine Siemens PLC system. The marking head is positioned using a three axis servo system using AC feed drives. Once in position the Marking Head is lowered and the stamping process begins. Up to 256 unique identification marks in multiple positions can be stamped into any one sheet of Titanium.

Supported PLCs

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